[Coober vs Agency]




$60/hour. No contracts. No minimums.

$100 - $660/hour. Contract required.
Budgets may surpass initial projections.


Selected Independent professionals based on your specific needs.

Same hired staff for every client.


A dedicated manager that takes full responsibility with 24/7 availability.

Requires micromanagement with availability 9:00 to 5:00, resulting in missing deadlines and miscommunication.

The Problem
– Traditional agency bureaucracy and nonsense.
In the fast-paced environments of today, large organizations don't have the time, resources or expertise to coordinate marketing themselves. They often outsource the work to an outside agency, hoping to have found a hands-off solution, but instead find the hidden headache of projects that have not been delivered on time, budgets that surpass initial projections and miscommunications that are just a waste of time.

To add insult to injury, these typical outsourced marketing agencies charge a premium hourly rate! This causes distrust in outsourcing but still doesn’t solve the internal resource problem… Until now.
The Solution
– An extremely personal and transparent team.
That’s why Coober was created… to take full responsibility for your marketing at a reasonable price. We internalize your brand culture, core values, mission and goals as if they were part of our own charter. Coober lives and breathes your brand the same way you do. Without the additional pressure of strategizing, meeting deadlines, maintaining quality control, reaching marketing goals and accurately communicating your brand, your company can spend more time doing what it does best.

We take personal responsibility for your marketing efforts as if we were your in-house team, all while saving you money in the process.
Customized Coober Team
Bespoke & Market Savvy
You will be assigned the most experienced and well-versed marketers to lead your team, bringing you an expert’s perspective on your specific target markets and superior knowledge of the latest technologies and marketing channels.
Time Conscious
Save time and money through efficient expert planning that goes directly to implementation, bringing you immediate and visible results.

24/7 Access
Coober works around the clock to give you complete transparency and the most convenient access to the best minds in the field, as well as to all collected data and insights, whenever you want it.
Artificial Intelligence
Our integrated AI marketing strategies will help you boost revenue and expand your target market reach by providing you with campaign analytics for marked increases in campaign effectiveness over time.
For only a fraction of the standard cost, you get top quality marketing services that are customized to your personal brand. No contracts, No minimums.
In-House / Marketing Agency
Jack of all Trades
Expect the same hired staff that is available to every other company to be assigned to your projects regardless of their level of experience in your niche and with limited knowledge of the latest marketing channels.
Lax Performance
Extended planning sessions with endless brainstorming and revisions.

Limited Communication
Difficult scheduling leaves you ill-informed on your campaign’s progress.
Average Intelligence
Stubborn adherence to traditional marketing strategies that no longer work for today’s market keeps your business marketing from reaching its full potential.
Make large investments in standard marketing teams yet fail to get results.
Contract required, Budgets may surpass initial projections.
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