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[Let's Get Younger] a Coober Initiative
Let's Get Younger is a not-for-profit Coober initiative that aims to bring companies and the baby boomer generation closer together. The aging population who are still at work have different requirements as they experience certain conditions that come along with getting older. Even so, companies must understand that their aging employees are fully capable of making significant contributions to the workforce. Many companies are under the mistaken impression that the baby boomer generation no longer has what it takes. This widespread misconception can be contagious, and we feel that it is important for baby boomers to understand that they are absolutely capable of continuing to do well at work, and that they simply need to readjust and refocus.
Let's Get Younger aims to work with the aging to help them feel younger and act younger in all areas of life by working with them to reach their full potential.
How We Work
Those who are getting along in years may periodically require short-term rehabilitation therapy. For some, this is necessary after an illness or injury to prepare them to return to their jobs. During this process, their physical infirmities are treated and corrected through a series of therapy sessions so that they can regain normal functionality. The aim of such physical rehabilitation is to prepare these ladies and gentlemen to return to their usual daily tasks. At times, however, recovering physically is not enough for them to get back to their routines. They need access to opportunities to learn more about reorienting themselves mentally and emotionally for the job ahead. Let’s Get Younger aims to provide these opportunities to those who have completed their physical rehabilitation.

Company Executive Lectures to Prepare Aging Workforce
As with any other generation, there is a certain way to approach and communicate with baby boomers. Companies that have a thriving aging employee segment have grasped the essentials of managing these workers. These companies can provide invaluable advice to other baby boomers who desire to return to work. By inviting representatives from these successful companies to different rehabilitative nursing homes, we hope to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and insights that will help aging workers who are completing their rehabilitation cycle to prepare to be fully productive once again.

Nursing Home Administrators Aid in Post-Rehab Reintegration
US companies employ a significant number of baby boomers. Seen as valuable members of the workforce, a solid effort should be made to embrace them. Going through physical rehabilitation therapy can be daunting. The process can be very stressful for the aging both mentally and emotionally as well, and may cause some to doubt their ability to carry on as they did before. From their company’s perspective, they may be seen as having fallen behind on the latest techniques and trends, unable to keep up with more creative millennials, and perhaps unable to work with the same energy as they once did. By sending nursing home administrators to such companies to give similar talks on the employability of the aging population, we hope to dispel these misconceptions and aid in the reintegration process for baby boomers who are ready to return to work.
Guiding Principles
We believe that bridging the gap between employers and their aging workforce will help to make the work experience more beneficial for both sides. The baby boomer generation has an awesome wealth of experience that is indispensable and cannot be replaced.  They have a level of insight into their jobs and proven track records that no one else has yet developed. By working with them and their employers through creative programs and partnerships, we believe that we can facilitate the reentry into the workforce of fully ready and capable individuals who have returned to full capacity. We believe that this is a lasting solution that will help aging workers go back to their jobs as healthier, happier and more efficient employees who are living life to the fullest.
If you are interested in participating or would like to know more, please visit letsgetyounger.org
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